Vegetable Ice Cream For Kids

Vegetable Ice Cream For Kids

Here at eat your veg ice cream – we all think that the best way to get children to eat vegetables is by mixing them with lashings of cream, an then topping it all off with some whipped cream chargers.

but that is just half of the story – you should also start thinking about getting them fully immersed in the process, and that could mean everything from milking the cow, to picking the vegetables to whipping the cream to using the cream chargers. The more you involve them, the more they will enjoy the process – the more they will eat and the more you will be able to force the vegetable into them.

Think carefully about the tasks that they are going to be able to complete – if it is too complex then they will just find themselves at a loss and demotivated which is the last thing you are gong to want from this – after all if they are not enjoying the process then you might just as well take them to a shop to buy the ice cream – rather than taking the trouble to get them involved.

We are lucky enough to have everything on-site from the cow to the carrots to the cream – but if you don’t then don’t worry it is simple enough to set up a small vegetable patch that can be shared by all.

Even a small pile of old car tyres can produce quite a cache of vegetables and is manageable enough that it won’t take up much time or space. Plus, one of the best things about it is that because it is above ground then the little ones will not just march over the top of it killing everything.

To set it up and be prepared to make your own vegetable ice cream then get ready to start in early spring – you can even place a clear bag, or piece of plastic over the top to make a mini-greenhouse and get things off to a flying start even earlier.

Plenty or more info and instruction here

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