Tomato Chutney Ice Cream

Tomato Chutney Ice Cream

Make this tomato chutney ice cream at home. Not only is it delicious, but also incredibly simple to make, and the flavors are spot on. And you can really put a great tist on it by using your cream chargers to make sweet tomato ketchup espuma.

1 liter heavy cream
500 gm. fresh tomatoes, seeded, peeled and diced
600 gm. sugar
100 ml. honey
3 egg yolks
1 cup whole milk
1 vanilla pod, split
1/4th cup chopped candied cherries
1 pinch salt
1 pinch ginger powder

Heat a heavy-bottomed pan and add the tomatoes and 200 gm. sugar to it, along with the salt and ginger powder. Cover with a tight fitting lid and allow this to cook down for 25 minutes over a steady simmer. After 25 minutes, turn off the heat and allow the mixture to sit for 2 hours, or till cold. Once cold, puree the mixture till it is well-blended.

Combine the vanilla pod, milk and 400 gm. sugar together. Bring to medium-high heat, and add the cream to it. Simmer, and allow the cream to boil once. Turn off the heat. Beat the egg yolks together and then add 1 tablespoon of the cream to it. Stir and then add a bit more, to make sure the temperature of the eggs go up. Once that happens, introduce the eggs to the cream, and stir well. Bring the pan back over fire, and simmer till the mixture is thick but not curdled. Remove from heat and let cool. Pour in an ice cream churner with half the tomato mixture and churn till semi-solid. Add the cherries and swirl in the rest of the tomato mixture, being careful not to over mix. You want the tomatoes to be chutney-like. Put in a freezer tray and freeze till solid.

For the tomato ketchup espuma than simply add heinz tomato sauce, sugar and cream to the whipper then charge with a single whipped cream charger to make a sweet, yet tangy whipped cream topping.

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