Roasted Sweet Potato Ice Cream

Roasted Sweet Potato Ice Cream

Sometimes we must do what we should, and this recipe is perfect for those times when you realize that you want to feed some goodness of sweet potatoes in the form of an ice cream, of all things. Made with roasted potatoes, this ice cream is gloriously rich, flavorful, and will go down with a big dollop of whipped cream on top like a dream.

There is a very unusual twist you can make for the topping for this one – how about using the whipped cream chargers and dispenser to make a sweet horseradish foaming cream to top it off!!  You’ll be surprised how well it works with this vegetable ice cream recipe. The cream chargers add enough gas to lighten the sharpness of the horseradish.


2 sweet potatoes (about 300 gm. in total), scrubbed and cleaned

1 teaspoon butter

1 can condensed milk

½ teaspoon cinnamon powder

250 ml. heavy cream

2 egg yolks


Scrub the sweet potatoes well, cut them in half and then smear with butter. Roast them until they are soft but not mushy, about 30-40 minutes at 180 degree centigrade oven. Remove and let cool till they are at room temperature. Scoop out the flesh.

In a blender or food processor, put the flesh of the potatoes in first. On the other hand, beat the egg yolks with the condensed milk. Heat this mixture over double boiler till slightly thick, slowly adding the heavy cream to it. Make sure the concoction does not curdle, by stirring briskly all the time. When the mixture is fully incorporated and slightly thick, add the cinnamon and pour over the sweet potatoes in the food processor. Blend till the puree is really smooth. Strain and pour in an ice cream churner and churn till semi-solid (follow the churner’s directions). Freeze for another 2-3 hours, or until firm. Serve cold. The cream charges need to be fully charged and the horseradish cream needs to be fully cooled down before you can dispense it otherwise, as soon as it comes out of the cream chargers then it will almost certainly just flop!!

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