Lemon Ice Cream

Lemon Ice Cream

Granted, lemon is not a vegetable – so you could take issue straight away, however let us suspend the love of the vegetable ice cream for just a moment and instead enjoy the cream chargers for what they really are!

Lemon ice cream is a cool, savory desert suitable for torrid summer days. Its invigorating flavor is the perfect way to end a nice meal. Among all ice cream assortments, this must be the most refreshing one possible. The tartness will make you clean as fast as you feel dirty with all of the gloopy dairy. On top of that, it is very easy to make at home. Because of its powerful sourness and texture, it does not need anything else on side, such as chocolate, syrups, nuts. The perfect topping would be a cinnamon whipped cream which can easily be prepared with cream chargers and dispenser. The is the proverbial icing upon the cake and is perhaps better than the cake itself – but without the cake to support it then there would be nothing there. So you very much do need to have your cake in order to eat it.

2 lemons, grated peel and juice
2 eggs
1 egg yolk
75g butter
205g sugar
350g fat yogurt
305ml whip cream

The basic cream for this ice cream is the raw lemon, but smoother, that does not contain starch or flour. The principle is similar to that of Holland sauce: the eggs, butter and lemon juice are cooked just until they get thick, and no second more. Even one extra second of heating will give you something that is closer to scrambled eggs than it is to the perfect whipped cream softness that you desire.

Therefore, lemons are peeled off, squeezed of the juice, collecting everything in a pot. In the same pot, you add sugar, the entire eggs and the yolk, as well as the sliced into cubes butter. The pot is placed on fire and is permanently beaten with a pear shaped whisk. The whisk needs to be fairly sturdy because he mixture will become quite thick as you work it out. It is good to insist on the pot bottom, to avoid sticking. As soon as the sauce becomes homogenous and curdled, it is removed from fire and whisked for 3 minutes until it gets cooler. Let it cool completely before continuing. The complete cooling is essential so go and read a book or similar whilst you are waiting – the watched pot will never boil and the impatient ice cream maker will never be happy!

When the cream is cold, add the yogurt, but make it be a quality, creamy one, without whey. The lemon juice is perfectly combined with yogurt. Separately, whisk the cream for the whip cream, without insisting too much, just until it gets some consistency. Add the yogurt and lemon cream to the beaten whip cream, and easily homogenize with a spatula. The choice of youghurt should obviously be for a thick one – I’d have to say that the greek style ones are the creamiest and work best with the chargers however don’t be put off by the tartess that they also have – that will help to make great, complex flavors at the end of the project.

The resulting cream is poured into a bowl with lid, and kept in the freezer for 2-3 hours, energetically mixing the composition every half of hour. If you own an ice cream maker, the whole process is easier. If you don’t then make sure the freezer is put onto fast freeze at least two hours before you start because this will speed up the process and reduce the possible size of any ice-crystals.

In the ice cream cups, it is appropriate from the taste and decorative perspectives, to add raw lemon or dry lemon peel. The ice cream goes well with scoops of raspberry or strawberry ice cream.

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