Cream Chargers For Vegetable Ice Cream

Cream Chargers For Vegetable Ice Cream

Getting people into the idea of eating vegetable ice cream can be difficult – and one way to make the idea more palatable is to make a flavoursome whipped cream using cream chargers and dispenser to add a bit of whip levity to the situation.

The beauty of it is that it is really simple to add a bit of flavour or eve colour to the dessert in a matter of seconds – plus kids love using the dispensers. The simplest idea is to use plain cream, but even then a bit of sugar can help the medicine go down….

Then you can even try adding a bit of oomph to the cream, how about the idea of a touch of cinnamon – that really livens up the cream or perhaps the tiniest smidge of grated nutmeg? What about cream with a gentle ginger infusion? These ideas add depth and warmth to ice cream.

The cold of the temperature when contrasted with the tiniest hint of heat in the cream flavour can really set your taste buds a light.

It is important to differentiate between a bit of fun flavouring for kids which can be something like raspberry cordial and sugar to the more complex gastro-molecular ideas that will really turn on the adult pallet.

A small dispenser of 1/4 litre makes it easier to experiment without using lots of ingredients and with a single cream charger will easily make as much as 1 litre of whipped cream which is ample for almost al situation – remember to get the chargers (8gm) that fit with the dispenser head, most of them are a standard fitting but the odd manufacturer would seem to go out of their way to be awkward and make sure only their own products are compatible.

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