Candied Jalapeno Ice Cream

Candied Jalapeno Ice Cream

Cool on the whipped, heavy on the Jalepeno – this is an intriguing vegetable ice cream recipe!

Have you ever thought of infusing peppers into your ice cream? If you have not, then it is a good time to start off. I personally love Jalapeno, and it makes excellent ice cream with a bit of work. All you need is some pickled jalapenos and a basic ice cream recipe and you are done. With heat from the peppers then you can balance it by making some fresh whipped cream – save time by using cream chargers.


1/4th cup pickled jalapenos in brine, washed and cleaned

500 gm. sugar

100 gm. brown sugar

500 ml. heavy cream

300 ml. whole milk

2 jalapeno peppers, fresh

1 pinch salt


Heat the brown sugar with 3 tablespoon water. Let the sugar melt fully. Once that happens, add the jalapenos, drained off of all water, and combine thoroughly. Cook down for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and immediately spread on a baking sheet sprayed with some oil or nonstick baking mat. Let cool completely. Cut into small pieces.

Cut the peppers into pieces and remove the seeds. Put this in the milk and add the cream and the sugar. Cook the mixture for 20 minutes over simmering heat. Remove and let rest for 2-3 hours and then strain the mixture, discarding the jalapenos. Pour the mixture in the ice cream churner, and start churning according to the directions, till the mixture is mostly set. Once the mixture is mostly set, now you should add the candied jalapeno pepper to it. Stir briskly to mix everything well. Remove and pour in a freezer box and chill till firm. It is a good idea to make the candied jalapeno at least 2-3 days before making the ice cream. The whipped cream chargers can be left until the last minute – although if you intend to flavor it with something lie vanilla I the whipper then that alwys takes a few hours to get the best flavor!

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